2021 Calendar

2021 Retreat Calendar

Sunday, Sept. 26 at 3PM- Saturday, October 2, 2021 Noon (6 Day)

Sunday, October 3 at 3PM – October 9, 2021 Noon (6 Day)

Sunday, October 3 at  3PM –  October 13, 2021 Noon (10 Day)

Friday, October 15 at 3PM- Thursday October 21st at noon (6 Day)

Friday, October 15 at 3PM – Thursday October 25th at noon (10 Day)

November 28 at 3pm – December 4, 2021 at noon (6 Day)

November 28 at 3pm – December 8, 2021 at noon (10 Day)

If you are interested in an extended stay or have limited travel availability.  Please check with Wendy at 812-295-6235.  We may be able to schedule an alternate date.

We are reducing occupancy to no more than 5 detox fitness guests per session in private rooms with private baths.

You may be eligible for a discounted scholarship for those in need or a military discount.

Dates may be subject to change.  Please call Wendy at 812-295-6235 if you have any questions about our schedule.

We are practicing guidelines as recommended by CDC cleaning and disinfecting as well as state guidelines posted on Back On Track Indiana.  We are requiring guests to complete a Covid Pre-Screen prior to arrival.  Guests should evaluate their own risk and check with your physician in determining whether to attend.  








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