What is our cancellation policy?

Cancellation Policy

If notice of cancellation is received by Detox Oasis within 30 days prior to date of arrival, absolutely no refunds will be allowed. We would be happy to reschedule your retreat within 12 months of purchase in which you can redeem your program at no additional cost. Future retreat dates will depend on availability.

If notice of cancellation is received by Detox Oasis more than 30 days prior to date of arrival, the refund is in the amount of your original payment minus a $500 cancellation fee that will apply.

If Client checks-in and is unable to complete the duration of the stay for any reason, the unused weeks can be redeemed at a later time, within 12 months of the original check in date. Again, there are absolutely no refunds allowed within 30 days prior to arrival and/or upon arrival for any reason whatsoever.

If Client wishes to change original arrival date to Detox Oasis facility, it must be done within 30 days prior to date of originally-planned arrival and rescheduling will depend on availability. A rebooking fee of $50 will apply.

Please call us at 812-295-6235 for information about future availability as soon as possible or if you need to discuss any of the points above.

What is included in the program?

All programs include your choice of private or shared accommodations on our private 120-acre ranch in the rolling hills of rural southern Indiana. Our property’s rustic and casual atmosphere will appeal to guests seeking privacy and seclusion without all the hubbub of high-end resorts.

Our facility is a restored farm and outbuildings that have been remodeled and renovated with modern amenities while maintaining the essence of the original historic charm. The farm features a working ranch with a grape vineyard and lots of natural wildlife and scenic trails.

Guests have full access to all the common areas including the private gym in a restored grain bin, a fully-equipped kitchen, various gathering areas, sauna, and much more.

Maid service includes daily “tidy up” with and full cleaning once per week with private room rate.

In addition, all retreats include your choice of the following:

  • All daily meals, protein supplements and snacks
  • Free discussion, including learning to make some proven healthy meals and dishes from RAW ingredients
  • HRT or Hormone replacement discussions during scheduled sessions
  • Education about HGH, human growth hormone, testosterone, insulin levels, estrogen, thyroid functioning and effects on weight management
  • Health and Fitness Assessments
  • Movies and sports on our sixteen-foot movie screen
  • Private on-site 9 hole golf course just for our guests and not open to the public
  • Nutritional assessment and guidance from fitness professionals and a medical doctor (Physician consultations with a separate, additional charge at separate office)
  • Daily discussions on a variety of topics (nutrition, meal planning, grocery shopping, cooking classes)
  • Introduction to sprouting, wheat grass, and living foods, green drinks, herbs and juicing
  • Classes may be offered on how to cook in the kitchen and prepare a week’s worth of quality food, so you are cooking every day at home
  • Lessons on what to cook and how to cook so that your food is delicious and will help you reach your fat loss and/or fitness goals
  • You can be hands on in the kitchen!

Is participation mandatory?

This is up to you. Our job is to guide you through your cleansing, fitness and juice fasting program to give you the support and tools you need to succeed. Your job is to have an open mind and follow the program during your stay at the retreat. The more work you put into your stay, the better your results will be.

What should I bring?

What you should bring to a fitness boot camp!Gym/running shoes

What you should bring to a fitness boot camp!Water Bottle

What you should bring to a fitness boot camp!Braces/wraps for pre-existing injuries

What you should bring to a fitness boot camp!Personal Toiletries

What you should bring to a fitness boot camp!Writing/Fitness journal

What you should bring to a fitness boot camp!Swimsuit

What you should bring to a fitness boot camp!Insect Repellent/Sunscreen

What you should bring to a fitness boot camp!Sunglasses/Hat

What you should bring to a fitness boot camp!Aerobic Attire

What you should bring to a fitness boot camp!Sweatshirts or layered clothing

What you should bring to a fitness boot camp!Winter coat (November-March depending on weather conditions)

What you should bring to a fitness boot camp!Rain Gear/Outerwear

What you should bring to a fitness boot camp!Sports Creams (Icy Hot, Tiger Balm, etc.

What you should bring to a fitness boot camp!Gym Bag for Transporting Items on Campus

What you should bring to a fitness boot camp!Any important medications, supplements, anti-inflammatories, etc)

What you should bring to a fitness boot camp!Flashlight

What you should bring to a fitness boot camp!Flip flops

Please refrain from bringing jewelry or other high-end valuables. We do not assume liability for lost or stolen property. If you have any questions about what you should bring or just want to make us aware of your particular situation or needs prior to your visit, please reach out to us at: (812)-295-6235.

What if the program is too hard or easy?

We know that everyone is at different fitness levels. We take pride in offering several fitness programs that are challenging to everyone no matter their age or fitness level. Current age range in the program is from 25 to 65 with body fat levels ranging as high as 40% and as low as 15%.

Am I coming to starve myself?

You are coming to our retreat to learn how to eat delicious healthy foods and fuel your body to improve your strength and energy level and lose the weight FAST! Program guidelines will help you easily navigate through the adjustment to the lower calorie intake. You may be surprised how easily you will adjust. Also, we offer medically supervised programs to help you conquer those cravings.

Will insurance pay for my camp experience?

Some insurance plans will cover some or all of the cost related to fitness programs with a prescription from your physician. Please contact your insurance provider to find out if any of the costs are covered and how to take advantage of the benefits.

What makes Detox Oasis different?

Our program gets great results and costs less than other similar programs. We stay focused on getting you the best results possible. We have developed a positive, supportive, group environment to help you through your weakest times and keep you busy and in good spirits.

What will I be doing while I am there?

Our program is built around scientific, evidence-based and effective methods of losing the fat and keeping it off. Your success will depend upon hard work, proper technique, and dedication. We’re here to help you achieve that success. We will have a wide variety of activities such as hiking, weight lifting, yoga, boot camp, and educational classes. Be ready to work hard 6-8 hours every day to get the body you’ve been dreaming of.

All fitness and training activities include your choice of:

  • Daily Boot Camp
  • Yoga
  • Two hikes a day
  • Daily personal weight training
  • Group Adventure Activities – canoeing, kayaking, snow skiing, walking tours of nearby historical sites (Additional fees may apply)
  • Beginning Level 1-3 Pole fitness sessions (by request)
  • Daily colonics (if you wish!)
  • Two gyms on site open 24/7
  • 1600 sq. foot weight and yoga gym
  • 2400 sq. foot martial arts/kick boxing and pole fitness studio
  • Fishing on-site
  • Shooting sports on-site
  • Golf on site
  • And… Work on the ranch if you feel up to it!


We reserve the right to alter the detox program at any point.  Amendments are generally only made to better serve and support our guests. Any changes or special nutrition requirements may result in additional fee.  Medical services and massage services are not included in our program.  These services are available at an additional fee paid directly to the provider with separate office policies and procedures. 

Important Notice that you need To read Before you start your Cleanse with us.

Before beginning a cleansing program, please be advised that your health is your own responsibility.

Please read this carefully:

Neither I nor the staff at The Detox Oasis are a  MEDICAL AUTHORITY or ADVISOR. Should you have any DOUBTS about your HEALTH, MEDICATIONS or ANY PREEXISTING CONDITION(s), PLEASE CONTACT YOUR MEDICAL PRACTITIONER FIRST. Please don’t ask the staff at the center if you should stop taking medicines, ask your doctor!

Cleanses are different for every person and each time that you conduct a cleanse/detox your body may react differently.