About This Program

A medical weight loss program that may include blood work, diet medication, protein drinks, and vitamins combined with a whole foods nutritional program or organic diet that achieves up to one pound weight loss per day. Average weight loss is 3/4 to a pound a day. This is the ideal program for clients who have more than 30 lbs to lose.

Our Medically Supervised Weight Loss Fitness Program is a collaboration between our retreat and Andry Medical Services of Bloomington, Indiana. Andry Medical Services is a private medical practice specializing in weight management and hormone management. Additional charges for physician appointments and medications, as applicable, will be billed separately. For more information about Andry Medical Services, please visit the Andry Medical Services website.

*This program is available for long-term clients only and is subject to housing availability which is dependent on other activities occurring at the ranch. Please call 812-295-6235 if you feel that this would be the best program for you. Please be aware that we do not have a physician or medical staff on site at the ranch and Dr. Andry’s office is located approximately an hour drive from the ranch.