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Detox Oasis signature program is our most popular aggressive detox and cleansing weight loss retreat. This detox retreat is available in 6-day, 10-day and 14-day programs. An herbal juicing cleanse and fasting program can achieve up to two or three pound of weight loss per day. This aggressive weight loss boot camp is our signature detox and cleanse program! Lose between 12 and 22 lbs. in 6 days!

Most guests choose this juice fast program for six days. Some guests stay 10 days or 2 weeks two weeks for detox and juice fasting! Lose weight quickly and reset your metabolism to maximize nutrients and jump start weight loss and fitness program. Transition into one of our fitness programs after a week of detox and juice fasting. Learn a few delicious raw food recipes to take home.

Schedule Overview
Listed here is a typical day at the Detox Oasis.
8:45 Meet in kitchen for morning schedule and opening session
8:45 Wheat Grass Juice, Blue Green Algae, Spirulina or another Green Juice
9:00 Morning walk/run or cardio session (30/45 min) -suited to your fitness level
9:45 Morning Abs Class
10:00 Daily colonics begin (optional) – daily Colema Board Sessions included
10:00 Group weight training session alternating large muscle groups, TRX training, kettle bells or free weights or cable machines
12:00 Green Juice
2:00 Arise N Shine Herbs, Probiotics and cleansing teas
3:00 Guided Yoga or Stretch Class M-F Yoga Sessions with meditation offered daily
3:00  EWOT Exercise on Oxygen Therapy individual opportunities
4:00 Afternoon Free Time or Follow-up Cardio on your own
5:00 Meet for afternoon hike
6:00 Dinner – Rejuvenation & Raw Potassium Essence Broth for fasting cleansing
8:00 Evening relaxation, personal time or group time, sauna available

About the Program

Blue Green Algae / Spirulina

Many nutrients which protect our bodies are densely concentrated in Spirulina. Spirulina is a powerful defense against oxidant stress. It can cleanse and detox our bodies from causes of stress. This remarkable plant has some of the most powerful protective nutrients of any food. Spirulina is called a super food because its nutrient content is more potent than any other food. Many of the essential nutrients needed by our bodies are concentrated in spirulina. It is comprised of at least 60% all-vegetable protein, essential vitamins and phytonutrients such as the rare essential fatty acid GLA, sulfolipids, glycolipids and polysaccharides.

Psyllium Husk & Bentonite Clay

The fiber in psyllium husk can enhance digestive health and promote regularity. Since it contains carbohydrates, it can help diarrhea & can ease the pain of hemorrhoids and cystitis. Psyllium husks have anti-inflammatory properties, and can be beneficial for those with diabetes. In some studies, it has been shown that Psyllium Husk can improve lipid control in Type 2 diabetes. Aids in weight loss. Maintains healthy cholesterol & blood pressure levels. Liquid bentonite supports the intestinal system in the elimination of toxins as it passes through the body undigested. Bentonite clay can take effect right away by binding to irritants in the gastrointestinal tract.

AM & PM Herbs and Probiotics

Chomper® works with Herbal Nutrition to soften and break up accumulated waste material in the intestinal tract.* When used as directed, Chomper® contributes to overall digestive system detoxification and may also support bowel regularity and help to relieve occasional constipation. Probiotics are live microorganisms that confer a health benefit on the host. Friendly bacteria are vital to proper development of the immune system, for protection against disease, and to the digestion and absorption of food and nutrients.

Potassium Essence / Cleansing Broth

While broths may not be as treated or pure as juices, they provide an excellent source of energy, minerals and electrolytes. They help keep potassium levels in check while fasting and provide a warm liquid alternative. Broths provide an excellent source of energy, minerals and electrolytes. They help keep potassium levels in check while fasting and provide a warm liquid alternative leading to more aromatic satiation during a fast. Ingredients may include: water, onion, carrots, cubed potatoes, parsley, celery, cabbage, Braggs Liquid Aminos.

Additional Features to Your Retreat

Sauna Baths

When you sweat during a sauna bath, it helps you excrete toxins and other impurities. People feel refreshed and invigorated after a sauna bath. When your body gets cleansed through sweating, the muscles get relieved faster leading to the feeling of well-being.


Wheat grass juice is an excellent source of chlorophyll. Wheat grass juice is also high in iron, oxygen, and enzymes and is one of the richest sources of vitamins A, B, and C, which makes it essential to any Detox Retreat.

Colon Cleansing

(Optional) When your colon isn’t working properly it gets sluggish and you may feel tired, have no energy and have difficulty working out. Doing a colon cleansing can result in a burst of renewed energy.

Why Detox?

Toxins are considered anything that can be harmful to our health and well being that can build up in our bodies, so the body is not functioning at an optimal level. Toxins in the air, food and water can interfere with our body’s metabolism and our overall sense of health and well being. Eating highly processed foods can overburden our digestive system and mess up hormones.

Too much mental stress or negative emotions can contribute to our body’s toxic load. Mental balance and positive thinking helps improve physical and mental health

Eliminating toxins and rebuilding the natural enzymes and alkalinity in our bodies is the key to improving our bodily functions and staying healthy.

Why You Need To Detox?

  • Do you need to lose weight?
  • Do you feel tired, sluggish or depressed?
  • Do you want change your body to get more energy?
  • Do you need to jump start a fitness and nutrition program?
  • Do you have a specific health problem that is not improving with traditional medicine?
  • Did you just have a life-changing event that caused mental stress like death of a loved one, divorce or job change?
  • Do you want to clear up your skin?
  • Do you want to improve fertility or drive up your libido?
  • Are you consuming too much junk food, drugs or alcohol?

Body Signals That You May Need To Detox….Do you have?

  • Frequent headaches, back pain, joint pain or arthritis
  • Bad breath or body odor
  • Food allergies, intestinal bloating, chronic constipation
  • Brittle hair or nails
  • Unexplained weight gain or trouble losing weight
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Insomnia
  • Environmental sensitivities to smells
  • Depression or irritability

At Detox Oasis, we offer a supportive environment to help get rid of body toxins and get you back on track to feeling good at your ideal weight!