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This program is designed for people who are out of shape or want to get back on track with with leading a healthy lifestyle. The program is paced to gradually move you into the optimal fitness range to achieve maximum results long term.

In Jump Start, you will learn how to use a heart monitor to make sure your workouts in your target zone to safely and gradually increase your endurance and strength.

Your program will be individually tailored so you can work at your own pace even if you haven’t spent much time exercising or if you don’t feel comfortable at the gym. We’ll teach you the basics so you can go back home with a fitness and nutritional plan that fits into your own individual lifestyle.

Schedule Overview
Listed here is a typical day for Fitness Programs.
8:45 Meet in kitchen for morning schedule and opening session
8:45 Breakfast (if not juice fasting)
9:00 Morning walk/run or cardio session (30/45 min) -suited to your fitness level
9:45 Morning Abs Class
10:00 Group weight training session alternating large muscle groups, TRX training, kettle bells or free weights or cable machines
12:00 Lunch (if not juice fasting)
2:00 Arise N Shine Herbs, Probiotics OR cleansing teas
3:00 Guided Yoga or Stretch Class M-F Yoga Sessions with meditation offered daily
3:00  EWOT Exercise on Oxygen Therapy individual opportunities
4:00 Afternoon Free Time or Follow-up Cardio on your own
5:00 Meet for afternoon hike
6:00 Dinner (if not juice fasting)
8:00 Evening relaxation, personal time or group time, sauna available


We would be pleased to answer any questions you may have. Please give us a call at 812-295-6235.